7 Valentine’s Day Ideas in Glasgow

Posted by Questo Team

The season of love is approaching, and if you are in love with someone, married, or in the like-like phase, it surely is a season to be celebrated. You definitely landed here because you were out of ideas, couldn’t think what special thing you could do for your special one, or simply were clueless about the places to go.

It’s okay; we’ve got you. Glasgow is among the most beautiful cities in the world and surely one of the most engaging ones as well. So if you are planning to sweep the love of your life right off their feet, then spending the right Valentine’s Day in Glasgow is your best bet.

This city offers the most breathtaking views and the best places to implement your ideas. You just need to know the city right and all the places it offers. So sit tight because we will enlighten you with Glasgow’s best places and some great ideas on how to spend this Valentine’s Day.

Ideas and Places to spend Valentine’s Day in Glasgow

While it all may seem easy, in reality, it is hard to think of new places to visit on Valentine’s day or simply execute an idea that will leave your partner awe-struck. With Valentine’s so near, many people will be putting too much pressure on their brains to develop a great Valentine date idea. However, if you are failing to do so, we have come to your rescue.

If you live in Glasgow and are confused about where to take your date, girlfriend, or boyfriend, then read our list of ideas below and make your Valentine’s date a memorable one for sure.

1. Bowling Date night at Bowlerama

 A bit of a healthy competition hurts no one. So take your date, husband, or wife out for bowling and enjoy a few great matches. Not only will it be all laughs throughout the night, but you two would get to know who the better one at bowling is. This idea can be a great date idea for Valentine’s Day in Glasgow, so make sure to book now. You can later annoy them with the specific fact that you won as well. Moreover, Bowlerama offers some great drinks and food which you can devour after a competitive match in the arena.

2. Dance through the Streets

Do both of you love grooving and moving to the beats? Are you two not conscious of what people think about you in public? Then we have a great fun activity date idea for you. In Glasgow, the Silent Adventures brings a dance activity right on the street. So put in your headphones and dance to the music right in the streets of Glasgow with your group. How’s that for the perfect Valentine’s Day in Glasgow, huh? 

This definitely will be something new for the two of you and will help burn some calories too.

3. A date at the Gannet

If you really want your date to feel special, then head over to Gannet with them. Gannet offers the best cuisines of the season, which are presented in the best and most amazing dishing manner. Not only will you fall in love with the taste of your dish, but also with its cute presentation, check out the menu here

So, check this eatery out with your partner if you want to have a classical Valentine’s Day in Glasgow this year. 

4. Pinkston Watersports

If you and your partner love something adventurous, then Pinkston Watersports should be your first pic. This is Scotland’s only white water course and is situated right in Glasgow, so take advantage of it. For all the adventure-lovers out there this is your safest bet for a wonderful Valentine’s Day in Glasgow. This water sports center is situated in Port Dundas and offers the visitors a variety of water activities like kayaking, canoeing, stand-up paddle-boarding, and other white water activities.

It’s a great place to have a fun time and make some unforgettable memories with the person you love. Make sure you check out all the activities at the Pinkston Watersports

5. The Loading Bay

If your significant other loves skateboarding or always wanted to try it, then head over to the Loading Bay. This particular site is a brand new indoor skate park and has a fun arena for skateboarding.

Not only will you and your significant other have a fun time on the wheels, but when you are done, tired and hungry, the veggie café near the skateboard arena will provide you with a quick snack fix. Adventurous and full of energy, this is how we see Valentine’s Day in Glasgow this year.  Make sure to bring your best mood and don’t forget the rose, and book in advance here

Definitely a great place to have a fun and memorable time if you aren’t looking for something extravagance this Valentine's Day.

6. Scuba Diving

Sealife is something that intrigues a lot of people. The possibility of exploring what lies down there and spending some time among the water life is definitely a great and memorable experience.

So if you and your partner have it on your bucket list, why not fulfill it this Valentine's Day in Glasgow? Scuba Diving Scotland is the best in business for scuba diving in the country. Situated right here in Glasgow, the company will provide you with everything, from the gear to the instructions and coaching. Then you can jump in the water and make a memory for a lifetime.

7. Walk, Talk, and then Eat

Glasgow offers some of the finest spots to take a stroll. The city contains some beautiful architecture and beautiful weather, which will make your stroll a pleasant one. Moreover, there are some amazing eatery spots on the way, which will make your date so much better.

So if you are looking for some budget-friendly and not so extra eating spots within the city, then this one is your best option.


Glasgow is a beautiful city, and it offers a variety of amazing places if you consider taking your date out. You just have to be smart enough to research well and know your way around the city.

We hope this article helped you execute the best plan for Valentine’s Day in Glasgow and that your day is one of the most memorable ones with the person you love.

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