The Questo players have circled the Earth

Posted on Sep 10, 2018 by Questo Team

You did it! You completed so many quests, and explored for so long, that you could have circled the Earth by now! Exactly, that’s 40.075 km – and counting.

That means thousands of clues followed, challenges completed, new locations discovered and unknown stories read.

You discovered details about the lives of the rich and famous, spicy gossip about ancient and contemporary public figures, little known facts about imposing or hidden buildings, and many, many more.

You fought mythical creatures, you saved cities from harmful spies, you got spooked in haunted parts of towns, you followed a penguin in an adventure, and played like a pro all along.

We want to thank everyone for playing this world exploration game of ours. And we appreciate all the time and effort put in by the quest creators, who started as players and then chose to be quest architects themselves.

Questo is just getting started, so keep an eye on us for future features and quests soon to be launched.
And don’t forget to, once again, Play Your City a Visit!