The Best 2021 Thanksgiving Game in Seattle, WA

Posted on Nov 17, 2021 by Questo Team

About the importance of doing family activities on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving may be the unofficial start of Christmas, but in Seattle, we give this holiday the love it deserves. Over this four-day weekend, we brought the best food in the world, perceived some great performances, and tried to have as much fun as possible. November is one of the best times of the year in Seattle, with perfect weather and unforgettable shopping. The best thing is that you can catch a glimpse of Emerald City on your vacation.

We can accurately guess the hustle and bustle that will occur in our home on Thanksgiving.
Mum is busy cooking in the kitchen, aunt and uncle stare at the football game, and the kids are super excited, waiting for a delicious pumpkin pie with their cousins. We encourage you to enjoy Thanksgiving games and activities so that everyone can enjoy them until turkey time. Playing outdoor escape games is the best idea to double the joy of this joyful time! Get your tickets here! These plans are fun and simple, along with children, grandma and grandpa want to get involved!

Why is this event the best idea for Thanksgiving

About Thanksgiving, the best part is that there is plenty of time with your loved ones in addition to a delicious celebration. You know what they say: a family plays together, stays together (or something similar). Whether you want to play with the kids while everyone is preparing meals, or you want to thank your family for the year in a fun way, these Thanksgiving games keep going overnight. 

Maybe you're full of turkey and gossip, perhaps you want fresh air away from politics and potato salad, and only a series of kisses with Aunt Maggie go the way of your freedom.

Escape rooms aren't that easy, but fighting for a successful game can be more valuable. The great thing about escape games is that you don't have to complete the games alone. You really shouldn't!

From generation to generation, family and friends know that teamwork is when they are most needed and are the most trusted people when working as a team to accomplish a common goal. During the game process, you may learn new things that you haven't noticed before! Maybe Aunt Maggie is very good at logic puzzles! Maybe Uncle Phil is more an original thinker than you thought! Each group of family and friends has secret and unknown dynamics. You may have yet discovered for yourself. That makes each family more inimitable!

When it's the best time to do the activity

  • Nobody is waiting for you. Just you and your smartphone!
  • Start the game anytime, anywhere! You can also pause the game and continue the game later or on other days of the year. There is no time limit for the game. You can complete it at your own pace at any time.

About the game

Seattle escape game! Let's go outdoors! How about playing outdoor escape games in Seattle? You have a chance to solve the puzzles and go out on the street! Explore this fantastic big city interactively and uniquely! All on your phone, in your language, and at meager prices! It is an excellent opportunity to take great pictures!

  • This escape room is a good option for people aged 7-110.
  • Thanksgiving outdoor escape resources include all the steps required to engage you in the Thanksgiving mystery. Follow the simple checklist and do some preparation, and you can guide your kid through the journey.
  • The start and endpoints of this thanksgiving activity are not the same and are guided by the mobile app.
  • You will have to be very specific about the points mentioned by the guidelines during the game, like which exit of any station or entrance of any park.
  • During the Thanksgiving game, which is based on interaction, you will solve puzzles, riddles, or cryptic codes and move to different points around the city according to the instructions.
  • There is a piece of joyful news for you, children of 12 years of age can join for free. :) 
  • Puzzles do not need understanding. Players need to use imagination, logic, collaborative thinking, and cooperation.
  • Not only is the game fun, but the prize is also if you win. You can win a sponsored trip to Disneyworld Orlando or a 50 $ amazon gift card.
  • There are some official contest rules you have to follow, and they will be uploaded soon.
  • You will have to book your spot and download the app. The app will give you instructions on how to move around the city till the end of the game.
  • This outdoor event is designed to interact with a few people in the COVID pandemic scenario. Still follow the precautions and the SOP's given to avoid the spread of the disease.

With the help of the person you are most grateful to, you have unlimited possibilities!

Final thoughts

Thanksgiving is a time that brings along happiness, love, and hope for the future. Make this occasion genuinely memorable. Seattle provides this opportunity to you this Thanksgiving with an exciting outdoor escape game that you can play and enjoy with your whole family. Bring your toddlers and grandparents along, and indeed they all will have a fun time. Book your participation here, and make sure you don't miss the chance to make golden memories with your family.  But if you don't try, you never know! Spending Thanksgiving vacation with your family and having even more fun! Book your outdoor escape game now!