The best 2021 Halloween Event in Glasgow, Scotland

Posted on Oct 12, 2021 by Questo Team

After the craziest launch in other cities, the most thrilling event of the century has reached the doors of Glasgow. Halloween has its own charm; going around wearing Halloween outfits, playing Halloween games, and cracking the fun throughout the day. The spooky stories, uninvited thrillers, and guaranteed fear by visiting haunted houses are only for the most daring people of an area. 

If you are courageous enough, then this Halloween event is going to be the most exciting experience of your life. Glasgow is the hub of some of the oldest buildings of the era, counting from the 12th century Glasgow Cathedral to 15th-century Provand’s Lordship, and this unending list goes on and on. 

Do you know, all these buildings have mysterious, spooky stories behind them? Yes, you might have seen all of them during the daylight or illuminating during a dark night but never heard the terrifying stories connected to them. 

Unlike traditional events— where you just wear Halloween outfits and watch horror movies at night—, this has a lot to offer to the event participants. All you need to do is to book your spot here and then download our app for free. Let’s dive into it and unveil what this event has to offer and what it demands from you.

Event has Puzzles; It demands Detectors 

This event has a challenging game where you will be exploring your own city. This exploration will be highly unusual in a way that you never did before. Before we say something, here are the words from one of the participants from the previous year events:

“I did not need to know these things about my city! But at the same time, I did... The stories were fantastic, we loved the route and all the places we never knew about even if we were born here. Good stuff.” (Sara from Sydney)

Every stage of this game is filled with strange puzzles and weird riddles. Only the ones with extraordinary detective powers will unlock these mysteries. 

Event has Spooky Stories; It demands Brave Hearts

While roaming in the city, every haunted house has some terrifying stories related to it. We went out to local storytellers and hand-picked the most petrified stories of all. Embedded them in an exciting game and made them ready to give you goosebumps. 

Here’s what Emmy from Manchester says about these stories:

“An exciting storyline! Gave me chills. Fascinating stories I’ve never heard about my home city. A great adventure.” 

Event has Darkness; It demands Namby-Pamby Friends 

While playing the Halloween game, the whole route will be nearly in darkness. From the starting spot until the end, every moment will frighten you. So, make sure to accompany some of your namby-pamby friends to double the thrillers. Friends who are afraid of anything or everything will add fun to your journey. 

Event has Suspense; It demands Crazy Friends

Every stage of the event of more terrifying than the previous one. While playing the Halloween game, you’ll come across some of the breath-taking moments where your insane friends will rescue you. Only the daring ones will ace it.

Elena shares her experience of Halloween events in the company of his friends as:

“An amazing way to spend time with my friends who ‘never get scared’; the clues were a bit challenging for us at first, but we got the hang of it.”

Event has Prizes; It demands Passion

Only the one with an unusual approach will win the unusual prizes. Here’s the list of terrifying prizes ready for the winners:

  • A real Coffin for you or your friends 
  • A phenomenal ghost detector to identify happening of Paranormal activities 
  • £100 Amazon card for your crazy dark wishes 

Are you excited to know the rules of the crazy game to win these crazy prizes?

Game Rules 

Halloween game rules are extremely simple- though the game is arduous, the rules are simple. It’s a three-step ladder starting with:

  1. Download the simple, and completely free app— available for both Android and iOS 
  2. Reach the starting point— it’s preferable to reach at the designated time, but you’re free to reach any time of the event
  3. Now, the app will guide your every move by taking you to the craziest haunted houses and spots in the town

The app works in an incredibly easy way. Once you’ve reached the starting spot, begin your journey towards the creepiest sites in Glasgow. Proceed by solving puzzles and learn the terrifying stories about each place you visit. 

Don’t forget to book the event!

So, mark your calendars for Halloween day— 30th October— right at 8 pm. The dark night of the event will last for one and a half hours.

We’ve great ideas for Halloween ready for you. All COVID-19 safety protocols will be followed. No touch, no physical interaction! 

Nelii from Budapest summarizes the whole event in the following words:

“Great fun, spooky stories, amazing sites off the beaten paths”

Bookings are open now. Visit our website for more information, and grab your tickets at a jaw-dropping price of a mere £5.49. 

Are you ready to become the next hunter?