The Best 2021 Halloween Event in Edinburgh

Posted on Oct 12, 2021 by Questo Team

Are you looking for something fun to do this Halloween?

Well, look no further because we have exciting things planned to make this the best Halloween Edinburgh has seen in years! Yes, Halloween 2021 is going to be a blast because we know just how to spook you out! And if you think nothing can scare you, think again because we are going to leave you shivering! 

So, stop looking for 'haunted houses near me' and get your Halloween game mode on, because this will be a Halloween Edinburgh is never going to forget!

How Does it Work?

The event features Halloween games, haunted houses, spooky stories, cryptic codes, and lots more! All you need to do is to book your spot here and then download our app for free. This interactive app will guide you through the mission and take you to the haunted hotspots. Just follow the instructions, and you should be able to complete all the activities in about an hour and a half though there's really no rush, and you can go at your own pace. So, put on your Halloween costumes and bring all your friends to experience  Halloween 2021 like never before because we are going to scare the life out of you- in the best way, of course!

Why is it the Best Event for Halloween in Edinburgh?

Halloween is so much more than just donning fancy costumes and partying the night away. So, after you’re done placing pumpkins in your yard, don’t forget to pay us a visit for an extra-special Halloween event, guaranteed to blow your mind! It has thrill, adventure, spooky stories, and all of the creeps, and it’s coming to Edinburgh to make your Halloween super scary; here's how:

We Have Fun Missions

Are you one for Halloween games? Well then, happy Halloween! Because we have some really great activities in store for you. You will need to complete a fun yet spooky mission to win the game. But you’ll need more than just wit to pass the levels, though, so make sure to bring your trusted friends for help. Embark on a journey of cracking codes and solving riddles because nothing says Happy Halloween like Halloween games.

We’ve Got Haunted Houses

If you’re looking for ‘haunted houses near me,' you’re at the right place because our haunted houses are truly one-of-a-kind. You might have seen numerous haunted houses to date, but we can guarantee you’ve never seen something like this- and you just have to least once in your lifetime! But no, we won’t disclose the details- it’s going to be a spooky surprise. However, they're definitely not for the faint-hearted, so if you think you can survive, hit us up and get ready for the best Halloween this 2021! 

Hear Our Spooky Stories

Remember that creepy kid at the camp that used to tell those spooky stories to scare little kids?

Well, we’re going to make you forget all about those because our exclusive stories are as creepy as they get- they’re legit. And you might think you live a normal life, but you'll be surprised to find out all about the dark secrets your city has been hiding. Halloween in Edinburgh is going to be off the hook this year because you can discover a whole new side to your city. After all, everything is not what it seems, right? You’ll be surprised to find out how little you really know about Edinburgh and its dark history. And come on, who doesn’t love spooky stories?

Win Spooky Prizes!

Halloween games must have extra-spooky yet special prizes, and we surely won’t disappoint! If you can manage to complete the assigned tasks without making a run for it, you can get a chance to win one of these items:

  • A life-sized coffin- yes, a real one
  • A ghost detector to identify paranormal activities
  • A £100 Amazon gift card to fulfill all your deepest, darkest desires

Put your brains to the test but try to keep your hair from falling out because these riddles are cryptic, logical, and nerve-wracking all at the same time. So, Happy Halloween because things are about to get creepy!

Enjoy Our Once in a Lifetime Experience

Wear your best Halloween costumes because Halloween 2021 is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience with us! Our one-of-a-kind experience is something you surely don’t want to miss, so you should try it at least once in your lifetime, and we promise you won’t be able to forget it. And really, the only downside to joining our event is that once you've tried us, Halloween will probably never be the same again. We can guarantee you’ll have the time of your life, so join our night walk for the best Halloween event ever!

Hear Our Testimonials

And if you don’t believe us, you can check out our clients’ testimonials to see how we can really spook things out. We have a record of 15,000 people at a single event, and every single one of them was 100% ghosted. You can check out the participants’ reviews here and see for yourself because this is an event you can’t afford to miss. We’ve delivered the creeps to many cities, and now we're here for you. So, would you like to be the next human to embark on this dark journey to unveil the secrets of the other realm? Come on; you know you want to!

The Bottomline

Don’t worry if everybody’s telling you Halloween trick-or-treating is for kids because we have some very dark activities planned only for adults. All you need is a bomb Halloween costume and a ticket to explore the ghosts of Edinburgh. And you can even get a discount right here to join the best event for Halloween Edinburgh has ever seen!

So, what are you waiting for?

Halloween 2021 is about to get scary, so hang on tight and let the Halloween games begin!

Oh, and don’t forget to coax your scaredy-cat friend into coming!