The best 2021 Halloween Event in Belfast

Posted on Oct 28, 2021 by Questo Team

Last year a group of five adventurous friends buckled up to play the most exciting Halloween game of their life. Wearing Halloween outfits on the exact Halloween date and time, they explored their city based on the creepy stories of local storytellers. 

Before I tell you what happened to them and how badass they were, let’s first talk a little about one such creepy story! 

A man named Jack— a guitarist—used to live in an old house in Belfast. All of a sudden, his dead body was found inside the house. From that day, whoever lived in that house, didn’t stay more than a week. Everyone came out and told strange stories about this place. One day a daring man named Conor with his family committed to busting all these myths. 

So, he and his family started living in the house. After a few days, all members of the family shared a similar happening in the storeroom. Whenever somebody enters the storage room, he feels someone is watching him. Conor has a guitar that broke in an accident— since then, no one has been able to repair it.

One day, Conor decided to do it by himself. He went to the storeroom to explore the mechanical equipment for repairing the guitar, but everything was locked. Conor tried to open those lockers, but all his efforts went in vain. 

Shhh…Something is about to happen…

The next morning, when he reached back to the storeroom— astonishingly— his guitar was completely repaired while all drawers were unlocked! 

This spooky story has many hidden treasures to explore and riddles to solve. Are you daring enough to unlock the horror mysteries of Halloween games? 

If yes, this happy Halloween Belfast event is meant for you! All you need to do is to book your spot here and join the fun! 

Imagine a thick-dark night on the streets of Belfast with your most daring friends. This isn’t a simple night, and these roads are never the ones you walk on a daily basis. The thrilling game makes everything super-special. 

What to Expect from Happy Halloween Event?

Now, it’s Belfast’s time to host the world’s most sensational event of history. Horror Halloween ghost hunts by exploring the most fearfully ascended areas of Belfast. 

With the complete guarantee of a dreadful nightmare, we have hand-picked the most hunted places in Belfast. 

You might have seen Belfast during day time or even at night. But terrifying stories behind multiple untapped locations and haunted houses in the town will give you goosebumps. Surely, you’ve never heard such stories of your town. 

Don’t take my words for it. Let us share what people of other cities—where we have previously held happy Halloween events— say about it. 

Sara from Sydney says:

“I did not need to know these things about my city! But at the same time, I do...The stories were fantastic, we loved the route and all the places we never knew about even if we were born here. Good stuff!”  

Take another one, Emmy from Manchester says:

“An exciting storyline! Gave me chills. Fascinating stories I’ve never heard about my home city. A great adventure.” 

Belfast is filled with older buildings, areas, and haunted houses. From 1711 McHugh's Bar to The Dirty Onion and Yardbird, Belfast is the home to some of the spookiest and most terrific buildings of history. Every building has various true stories told by local storytellers. We have collected them in an exciting game. 

By playing the game, you will be solving puzzles and resolving mysteries. Only the one who can think out-of-the-box can ace this game. 

Let’s talk a little about the Spooky Game… 

The game is pretty simple. Oh, I said simple! Only the rules are simple; the game is tricky! 

The game is being played via an award-winning app. It’s a four-step ladder to claim a lovely reward—revealing in a moment. Let’s discuss the three of them!

  1. Download the simple, and completely free app— available for both Android and iOS 
  2. Reach the starting point— it’s preferable to reach at a designated time, but you’re free to reach any time of the event
  3. Now, the app will guide your every move by taking you to the craziest haunted houses and spots in the town

The app works in an incredibly easy way. Once you’ve reached the starting spot, begin your journey towards the creepiest sites in Belfast. Proceed by solving puzzles and learn the terrifying stories about each place you visit. 

Don’t forget to book yourself for the event.

Off-Limits Prizes are Waiting for You… 

The one who solves maximum puzzles will win the spooky rewards:

  • A real Coffin for you or your friends 
  • A $1000 travel gift card for the best costume, from our partner GetYourGuide
  • A phenomenal ghost detector to identify happening of Paranormal activities 
  • £100 Amazon card for your crazy dark wishes

Your crazy friends will assist you in solving the riddles, but namby-pamby friends will add fun to your journey. So, don’t forget to accompany those friends who are afraid of anything and everything. Believe me, it will be a hell of fun! 

Elena explains the thrilling experience of happy Halloween with friends as:

“An amazing way to spend time with my friends who ‘never get scared; the clues were a bit challenging for us at first, but we got the hang of it.”

So, mark your calendars for Halloween day— 30th October— at 8:00 PM. The dark night of the event will last for one and a half hours.

Don’t forget to book your spot. Prices slashed at just £6.99!

We’ve great ideas for Halloween ready for you. All COVID-19 safety protocols will be followed. No touch, no physical interaction! 

Just hunt the thrilling experience of happy Halloween in an Avant-Garde way!  

Nelii from Budapest summarizes the whole event in the following words:

“Great fun, spooky stories, amazing sites off the beaten paths!”

Bookings are open now. Go and grab your tickets at a jaw-dropping price of a mere £6.99. 

Are you ready to become the next hunter?

Visit our website for more information about the event.