Questo partners up with Antler to help tech startups founders have fun while executing on their vision

Posted by Questo Team

Startups love other startups. So we are excited to present you our newest partner: Antler!

Antler is a company guided by the principles of putting tech startup founders first and helping them develop so they may be able to become the builders of tomorrow. 

And we at Questo couldn’t agree more with this vision. 

That is why we partnered with them to help founders engage more with each other and have fun while working together on their own vision.

During their residency with Antler, 50 founders played Questo games and got to discover hidden gems in Amsterdam, exploring amazing places in the city and solving the wittiest of puzzles. 

We’re happy to have brought the founders together for a fun experience in the middle of such an important and busy time on their founder journey.

We look forward to doing it again soon in other locations!