Questo is offering 100 businesses a free team-building event

Posted by Jake Bergquist

It’s the start of a new year, and while 2021 was a tough one (again)—if your business is anything like Questo you have probably seen the office closed, opened, and closed again. Work/life; call/meeting; multitasking/working and parenting; there are a lot of blurry lines—let’s look forward to the next 12 months with gusto and be thankful we’re not this guy…

Anyway, it’s 2022, you’ve mastered the 8:59 am wake up and your #NeckMess is on point. The workplace has changed, but humans haven’t - we still love to engage, interact and have fun… Enter Questo.

We believe, now more than ever, that teams need a fun, safe way to spend quality time together, celebrate the start of a new year, set some ambitious goals and enjoy themselves. That’s why we are offering 100 businesses a free team event on any of our city exploration games in more than 140 cities worldwide—they’re fun, relaxed, fully outdoors, and COVID-safe.

Whether your business is a giant like Apple or a start-up like Questo, if you're searching for the perfect way to kick off 2022 in style, a city exploration game is the answer.

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Questo’s games help people to explore their city. Your team will:

1: Walk, cycle or scoot through a blend of hidden gems, landmarks, and important locations

2: Hear tales, accounts, and legends of the people behind a city

3: Become a character within a fictional storyline and share their ultimate mission.

As your team explores the city, they will encounter carefully crafted challenges through the app. Solve these to unlock new places and stories—these challenges are puzzles, brain-teasers, and riddles that are solvable by using your wits and your surroundings.

4.8 rating from more than 10,000 reviews

“I had visited Utrecht before but this time the experience was different. I got to learn a bit of history while playing a game! it was definitely worth it, my team and I enjoyed it very much.” Tassos Tzavellas - Utrecht, The Netherlands

“The idea is very interesting and the game is really fun, especially in groups!” Valeria Santaterra - Bordeaux, France

“Very fascinating quest for knowing Cambridge and discovering interesting secrets of the city. Totally recommendable as a group activity!” Miguel - Cambridge, UK

“So much fun! Really makes you explore the area beyond the surface level and learn about the history. I advise this for any solo traveler and also for groups, it is fit to any need.” Chika Ojukwu - Chicago, USA

COVID safe event

The event happens outdoors and it doesn’t require close contact with other participants or organizers. Please follow the safety guidelines mandated or recommended by your local authorities.