Discover haunted places in Rome & their terrifying stories

Posted on Oct 18, 2018 by Questo Team

If you’re a local or plan to visit Rome soon, you might want to place the dark side of the city on your list of top things to do and see while here.

A city with thousands of years of civilization and controversial deaths was bound to become a suitable host for hundreds of cursed spirits, some more famous than others. Rome is now swarming with people that have supposedly come back from the dead to get revenge on their killers, to be together with their families again or to just wander aimlessly, having lost the last train to the other side.

All the stories of these people and of the places they haunt were gathered and transformed into a game of city exploration.

Haunted Rome – The city exploration game

Questo, the city exploration game, has launched a new trail around the city of Rome, where you discover haunted buildings and squares by following clues that take you from a place to another. When you get to a new location, you receive a haunted story in the app, about the before-and-after death ‘adventures’ of the person who used to live or work there.

Along this haunted tour, you’ll find the story of the most prolific executioner in Rome, you’ll discover the church of chained spirits, you’ll meet the woman who was cursed to lose her hands and you will find out many other stories of the people who lived and died in those places.

What you need in order to explore the Haunted Rome:

A guide won’t be necessary to go visit these haunted places. Just download the Questo app for free from here, select ‘Haunted Rome’ and follow the directions you receive in the.

For bonus courage points: Challenge your friends and walk through the Haunted Rome at night!


Questo is a real-life exploration game where you follow clues and do small challenges to discover new locations and find out their stories. It was awarded by for the social impact created and it was named Best Travel App at the eTravel Awards in 2017. People describe it as a mix of treasure hunting, escape rooms, Amazing Race and urban challenges.