8 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day in Edinburgh

Posted by Questo Team

It doesn’t matter if this dating world is new to you or you have been in a relationship with your significant other for a long time now; Valentine’s Day holds importance in both cases.

It is one day where people expect a lot from their partners, and if you think that Valentine’s is mainstream or a useless holiday, we still suggest you put in some effort for your partner. This is because they may be expecting things from you.

In case you are confused or have no idea how to plan a great surprise for Valentine’s Day in Edinburgh, then you are in luck. If you hail from here, we have gathered some amazing ideas to spend Valentine’s Day in Edinburgh, which is bound to sweep your partner off their feet.

Ways to spend Valentine’s Day in Edinburgh

While all days of the year are meant to express love, Valentine’s Day takes it one step ahead. On this day, many couples put in their best efforts in surprising the love of their lives and showering them with gifts. However, there are cases when you just can’t figure out what to do for them on this special day.

When such situations arise, we come to solve them. How so?

Well, below, we have concluded a list of some amazing ideas which you can use to sweep your partner off their feet and make it a memorable day for them.

1. Edinburgh Climbing Area

If you feel competitive and adventurous, how about hitting the climbing arena on Valentine’s Day in Edinburgh. You can book the afternoon or evening climbing session and use your muscles to compete with the love of your life on who is the better one at climbing ropes.

If you two aren’t a fan of romantic dinners on Valentine’s Day thinking it is too mainstream, then a rock climbing activity can be your best bet to go for.

2. Candle Light Dinner

Romantic candlelight dinners have always been the top priority for dating for Valentine's Day not only in Edinburgh but everywhere in the world. So how about you go with what’s common and the best too.

So take your partner, date, or wife out to some great restaurant or to a place they love to eat at. There is no better mood-setter than a great ambiance and some amazing food.

If you guys plan to stay at home, then you know what’s best. Cook for your partner. Everyone loves someone who knows how to cook. So grab that knife and do some shopping. If you can’t cook a movie and some take-out will do too.

3. Take some Strolls in the Pretty Streets

Edinburgh holds some of the most beautiful architects in the world. The brown stoned building and the cold winds in February give a very Harry Potter vibe. The city itself is beautiful, and if you are short on budget, there is no better date than taking strolls in the pretty streets of the city hand in hand.

Moreover, some amazing roadside cafes and stalls serve the best food to devour, so you know where to head after the walk, right?

4. Tattu, Edinburgh

If you are feeling very romantic this season of love, then how about taking the love of your life to Edinburg’s most beautiful and breathtaking Chinese restaurant.

Tattu is famous for its amazing ceiling, which is decorated with gorgeous bundles of pink flowers giving the room a very romantic vibe, make sure to check out the menu here to plan ahead. With its ambiance and food both top-notch, it’s a great place to spend a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner date in Edinburgh.

5. Beach Life

Edinburg is the home to some beautiful coasts. So how about skipping the city's busy life and heading over to the sea. The winds running through your hair and the sound of the waves crashing are indeed a relaxing feel.

Take a walk on the sandy shore with your partner hand in hand while sharing about your life and having some heart-to-heart talk, which you don’t get the time to do in your busy city life.

6. Sea Food and Lots of Sea Food

The Scottish Capital isn’t short on seafood, and that is for sure. This city offers some of the best kinds of seafood and that too in a lot of variety. So how about taking your partner or date to a seafood venture and experiencing all kinds of seafood, and have a blast on Valentine’s Day in Edinburgh.

7. Observe the Stars

If you are in luck, then Edinburg will have a clear sky on Valentine’s Day, and you can lie on the ground and watch the constellations with your partner while talking deeply about life. What a peaceful thought, right?

However, if the sky isn’t clear, you can always head over to the Planetarium and have one great experience. The Royal Observatory Centre will teach you how to look at constellations with your naked eye, and you also get to experience watching the space through the best telescopes

8. Scotbeer Tour

The Old Town Edinburgh contains the country’s oldest brewing industry. So if you and your partner are excited about learning about the history of liquor and how the industry was formed, then taking a stroll in the Old Town arm in arm is your best date for sure.

Once done, you can always sit at a local bar, munch some food, and try those wine samples together.


Thinking of Valentine’s date idea can be a daunting task; however, it can be made easier. All you need is the right information about your city and where you can find what. Knowing what lies in your city makes it easier for you to decide where to take your date.

We hope this article helped you decide where to take your date this Valentine’s date or what ideas to execute. Feel free to make some changes, and we hope you have an amazing Valentine’s Day in Edinburgh with your loved ones.

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